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Done For You Blog Setup

Free yourself from having to learn the technical side of blogging before being able to start sharing your passion. Instead start by investing your time in something that brings you joy and enjoyment – getting down to your business of blogging, worry free!

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Blog Security Tips – Lock Down Your Blog

What “hacks” your site isn’t a person – it’s a bot created and set off by the hacker. It doesn’t think “Ah, John Arbuthnot. I think I’ll try to hack his blog today”. No! These bots just randomly seek, find and try to get in – so even if you’re a totally unknown blogger – brand new and just building your audience – YOU ARE AT RISK!

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Blog Security Tips – Don’t Lose Your Blog

So you have a beautiful blog. You’ve spent ages getting it perfect. Then one day you wake up and find it all gone! What??? How???

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