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Top 10 Tools of IM – Part 2

Top 10 Tools for working and learning online – numbers 6-10

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Top 10 Tools of Internet Marketing

Is there a way you can achieve your goals faster and smarter? Take a look at these top 10 tools that will give you a hand-up.

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Google+ For Business – Tip 3

Continuing with Tips for using Google+ for business….here’s Tip 3 – all about circles!


So… what do you think?

Here are a couple of case studies that will really get you thinking.

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How To Avoid Internet Marketing Failure

It seems like everybody and their mother has the secret to internet marketing these days. I’ve seen so many push button get rich quick websites that it’s not even funny anymore. Frankly, it boggles my mind as to why people keep buying into this crap. But that’s a topic for a whole other blog post.

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Do You have a Typhoon or Tycoon?

How is the weather holding up for you? The east coast of Britain is being battered by hurricane-force winds causing chaos to trains, planes and roads. Germany’s North Sea coast is also being battered with flooding in low-lying places. In Scandinavia, Danish and Norwegian police urged people to stay indoors.

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Thoughts about FB Masterclass from the Dentist’s Chair

dentist-158225__180.pngThis morning I went to the dentist. Does that make you cringe? I actually don’t mind it because this dentist is very chatty, gentle and has plenty of time for each patient.

I’d gone to the dentist in the UK – signed up to an NHS dentist.

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Fire! Fire!


I have a tale about a campo fire – first hand from my friend Gabriella (English, name changed to protect the innocent!)

The story goes like this… Gabriella lit a small fire at the back of her property to burn some rubbish – perfectly legal at this time of year here in Spain.

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100 Day Challenge – Are You In?

The 100 Day ChallengeAre you a parent, teacher, coach?

Are you an artist, musician, craftsman/woman?

Are you a buisness person, working for yourself or someone else?

If, in any field of achievement that your are striving in you find that already, after only one quarter of 2013 you are below taget,

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