Siberian Huskies and Scootering

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We have 3 Siberian Huskies that we acquired in Spain.  I know, you’d think it was the wrong temperature there for them… but they have an inner layer of “hair” that acts as an insulator against cold … AND heat.  So, in the summer,  provided they lie out of the sun  – and preferably on cool tiles in a breezy hallway, they are fine in the heat of the summer.

We bought the first Siberian Husky puppy, Tikaani, from our neighbours in Spain, shortly after we moved there – we were so taken by the lovely colours and natures of both the mother and father.  We were given the pick of the litter before, sadly, the rest were taken to Carrefour for sale in the pet section there.  The next litter from the same parents, we acquired our second puppy, Nanook.  For Nanook, I gave the neighbour’s son 10 English lessons … to help him pass his matriculation.

Move on a couple of years and one day the neighbours stopped us and asked did we want the mother  – as she had not produced any pups the last 2 times she’d been on heat, they were going to get rid of her.  We couldn’t let that happen to her so we said “yes”, and acquired Rapi.

All 3 dogs have had all their inoculations, including for rabies and have passports to prove it.  This means that we can travel between Spain and the UK with them.

So, how to exercise these lovely dogs that like to run and run?  “How is their recall?” you ask.  Well, if you call and they can see you, they are satisfied and carry on running!

My daughter enjoys canicross – running with a dog or two – but she isn’t always home.  My husband enjoys bikejoring – bicycling with a dog attached – but currently he is unable to do that.  So we hit upon scootering!

The scooter is similar to what one rode when a child, but the wheels are nearly mountain bike size, there is suspension in the front forks, disc brakes and the “running board” is about 9 inches up from the ground – a good amount of clearance.  Off the front is a long arch to which you attach one end the line – the other end of which you attach to a harness on the dog (dogs).

On command – or a little before – off go the dogs and you just stand on the footplate and glide along behind.  The first few times was a little hairy/scary because the dogs take off at full pelt, but now we are getting more used to it and the fast ride doesn’t last too long as the dogs soon settle into a steady lope.  In fact, early on, they soon ran out of energy and ended up walking on the return journey.  Over the last couple of weeks they have got steadily fitter and now lope/trot almost all the way round the trail we are using – which takes just under 15 minutes to ride.

Shortly we hope to extend the trail as the dogs get fitter still. In a couple of weeks there is a Canicross event near us (see CaniX UK)  and we are hoping to enter.  It is a 2 day event and you are allowed to run the dogs once each day.  So our plans are something like:
Day 1 – our daughter enter for a 2-dog run and our son for a 1-dog run
Day 2 – I’ll enter for a 2-dog scooter race and my husband for a 1-dog scooter race

I’ll keep you updated on the outcome!

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