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When you first start marketing online – there is a huge amount to learn and it can seem a very twisty, winding road. The great thing is that there is a ton of information, help and “how to” available on the internet now a days.

Aside: I do remember the early days – when we were searching with Altavista (remember that?) and more times than not – you only got 5-10 results for your searches!!

Now, when I get stuck – I just “google” the problem and, more often than not, I am able to find someone who’s had the same problem, has asked the question and has gotten a reply. This is how I went about my 2 questions from my last post.

I’ve found out :-

   How to integrate Facebook with my blog.

It turns out to be a simple operation.  I installed the WordPress  plugin “Add Link to Facebook”, followed the instructions to set it up and, as you see below the posts, the comments made in facebook are displayed here too.

Needless to say – I did record myself doing it but… I’m getting behind on my recordings at the moment.  But I will get them published in due course.


   How to display a video on my blog

I posted a question on Facebook on how to do this and my friend Jacinta Dean of CreatingMyBusinessOnline.com gave me great advice.  I created a “channel” on YouTube – called Experts Training – and uploaded the video. This means that I’m not going to overload my hosting server when I get millions of views to my videos – which is, of course, where I’m aiming.  Sadly I discovered that the videos you upload to YouTube can not be more than 15 minutes long – and mine was around 40 minutes – so it got rejected.  I spent this afternoon splitting it into 3 separate videos but with my sloooow upload speed it is taking ages to get the videos up to YouTube.  Then when I watched them – they kinda “kicked in” with now intro – and parts 2 and 3 seemed to come out of nowhere.  So I’m having a re-think.

Should I have some sort of “Title” frame to introduce each video? If I do, that’ll cut in to the 15 minute allowed time.  Maybe folks don’t want to watch videos longer then 15 minutes anyway? Then there is the format I should produce and share my videos in.  So, still some to do on this front before I can do it in my sleep!  But I’ll  keep you posted.

What do you think?

Sadly I seem to have misplaced the whole 42 minute video… 🙁  Never mind… not a great loss to mankind!

So, if you’ve got a problem, either do as I do and search for the solution using your favourite search engine … or give me a shout and I will be more than happy to try to help you find the solution.

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