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I’m attending the World Internet Summit in London at the moment.

It’s run by Tom Hua and Brett McFall from Australia.  This is the 43rd WIS they have run … in many parts of the world.  There are eager internet marketers from Europe and UK here at the moment.  I haven’t met anyone from further afield (except the Australians in the team) but I guess when the conference is in, say, the US, the delegates are mostly from there.

One very exciting feature of the Summit is that “we” launch a product and market it and see how much money can be made over the 4 days of the conference.  The product has been prepared in advance as has all the sales copy, website and videos.  The first thing to happen is that all the delegates are encouraged to purchase the product and sign up as an affiliate.  Then we go out an promote it!

The product is a application that captures a prospect’s facebook e-mail name and address when he gets to your squeeze-page, automatically filling in these fields on your capture form.  All the prospect has to do is click “Register”!  So, the benefit of this application?  To the customer/prospect, it saves him/her typing in their name and e-mail address, thus speeding up the process.  For the internet marketer it means you get a “real” email address not one made up just to get the free report or whatever.  Haven’t you ever entered a fictitious email address?  Or one you have just for giving in this circumstance and which you rarely read the incoming messages?

This is going to be a real “hands on” experience as, for example, tomorrow’s speakers are going to be talking about using social media … and then I’ll be able to come home and put the lessons into practice.

This product is ONLY going to be available during the summit so if you’d like to have it, click here and snap up this exclusive application at a bargain price.

Hurry.  You need to buy it before midnight, Pacific time, on September 18th, 2011

Good Luck!

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