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Software testing for bugsOne of the worst things in developing software and releasing it is when a customer spies a “bug” in it. No matter how many times you’ve tested it and retested it, even just to ensure everything runs smooth and clean, there will still be technical problems that really annoy. You may find your hard work and efforts gone to waste when your software does not run as expected. Just as writers get proofreaders to ensure proper grammar and sentence construction, for you, a software developer, testers will make sure that there are no lapses in your software.

How to Ensure Bug-Free Software

I understand the frustration due to software bugs, and how really annoyed you feel when you’ve done all you can to have a perfectly running software. I’ve been there, done that, got the t-shirt! This is why exactly I hopped over the fence and started testing. To make it easier for you and to remove your worries, I am offering you a quality software testing service. Not everyone’s got a good eye for bugs and luckily I’m one of the few who has – you see, I used to write software so I have some experience in the areas that programmers “assume” things! I’ll use my skills to your advantage! You’ll want to be sure your software is valued and treated with respect – which is exactly what you get with my package.

Importance of Having a Bug-Free Software

For a software developer, making sure that a software is bug-free is vital to attract more customers to your product making software testing one of the most important processes to consider. The time you invest in it is never too short and the money you invest is never wasted.

Some Tips to Consider Before Having Your Software Tested

Because of the hard work you’ve put into your software, it is never easy to hand it over to a tester. Be assured that your software is guaranteed safe – I do not share any information with third parties. We communicate regularly on Skype – I keep you updated regularly with progress reports of what I have tested, what has worked and what has failed. You can make changes and request specific tests should you wish.

Investing your time for developing your software will only be worth it if you make sure that there are no bugs infesting your work, and to ensure this, making use of my services will ensure you find and remove the vast majority of bugs. Contact me now for a personalized quote

Golden Entrepreneur Software Testing Service

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5 comments on “Software Testing
  1. David Taylor says:

    Jennifer’s service saved me a lot of headaches with my software. She has the ability to ‘act ignorant’ and try things that a total beginner might do, like push buttons without filling in info, pressing the ‘Run’ button too early and a whole load of other things I won’t reveal, but that made my software better.

    Highly recommended. Chat to Jennifer on Skype before you have to answer your customers on your support desk.

    David Taylor
    The Bald Entrepreneur

  2. Tom says:

    Thanks for this informative post.

    Software development or having my own software development is not something that I’ve looked into. But if I ever come up with an idea for a good piece of software I will certainly take into consideration your tips.

    good luck with your journey now that the QSC is over.

    • Jennifer says:

      Thanks, Tom… and if you come across anyone doing it, feel free to point them in my direction.

      Did you follow the link to see the page? What did you think of it? I’d love to hear your opinion as it’s not a “hard sell” page and I wonder if it is enough?


  3. Mark Johnson says:


    Nice Post!

    They are wide varieties of software test tools that address many aspects of the testing process and they can be applied to different software, different programming languages and address different types of testing.

    Your tips are really very helpful for the ones who have their own IT Business.

    Thanks for the share buddy!

    Keep up the good work.

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