A Wasted Day

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FrustrationThis morning I settled down all raring to go with a blog post. I was mulling over what to write and remembered that some time ago I was approached by a content writing company and offered “5 articles for $15” which I thought very reasonable.  So I signed up and got into discussion with the proprietor about what I wanted the articles about. In the end, as I’m sure you already suspect – it cost me far more than that because what I wanted “wasn’t included in the offer”.  So here I have 5 articles sitting on my hard drive and waiting to be used and I thought today was an ideal opportunity!

At the time the articles were written, I was working on 2 projects – a book, and  “technical services”.  And isn’t it often the case when your attention is divided that neither gets completed?

I thought I’d gotten the articles written about the book, a sort of pre-sell but when I found them, they were in fact about the “Technical Services”.

I remembered that I had a “sales page” for these services and went in search of it.  After much searching through my domains and subdomains I did find it, but, when I created it I was using OptimizePress on that site and have now changed the theme to Responsive Pro – so the page was all gibberish!  And the images, video testimonials and so on were all missing – they went missing when my webspace was hacked back in 2014 – which was, I guess, kind of like a third project I got thrown into at the time.

I plan on offering :

  • One to One Technical Coaching
  • Done For You Blog Setup
  • Done For You Autoresponder Setup
  • Testing Your Software
  • Done For You Sales/Recruiting Funnels

So today I hunted out the info for the “Testing your Software” service and went about getting the “sales page” sorted… Oh, the hoops I’ve jumped through!  You can see the result by clicking HERE

Maybe it would have been easier just to re-activate Optimizepress!

BUT the testimonials are “missing” and I’m on a new computer in a different country from my old one – and I have to get patient hubby to put Teamviewer on that one so I can access it and hunt for the missing items there … and so it has gone on all day.

I’ve decided today to tell you about my trials and tribulations and maybe tomorrow, after I find the testimonials, I’ll be able to post the “paid for” article!

I feel today is a wasted day because I’ve done nothing that helps me move toward my goal of making $1000 per month by Christmas 2015! 🙁

Moral(s) of the story?
1)  FOCUS –

  • Stick to one thing at a time!
  • Stick with it until “shipped”.  That way you won’t waste time at a later date hunting for the pieces to complete the picture.
  • File all the bits of one project in one place

2)  Deals aren’t always what they seem to be – but you knew that already, right?

3)  Plan your posts ahead of time.  I must produce a “posting schedule”, spend some time completing it and then stick to it instead of flying by the seat of my pants!  Do you plan yours?  Any tips?

UPDATE: I found the testimonials on my computer in Spain and dragged them across the airwaves to the UK the uploaded them to the server … well traveled testimonials!! Then I looked out the “paid for article” on Software Testing and, after much editing, posted it HERE. What do you think?  Worth paying for?

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