Top 10 Ways to Take Charge of Your Life

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Take ChargeIn the post “Quick Start Challenge 2” I asked “How do YOU make time for your business?” My good friend Linda Clare Puig of “6 Figure Newsletter Secrets”, responded with a very comprehensive “Top 10” list that I share with you here! I hope it gives you something to think about – a tick list to see how you’re doing if you too are struggling?

Too often we take care of other people’s needs, never getting to the activities that would have the most meaning for us. Here are 10 ways to take back your life.

1. Create goals. Get clear on what you really want, write it down and start to take action toward your goals. Make your goal very specific. “Make money” just won’t do!

  • How much? $1 total? $3000 a month?
  • By when?  By the time you die? By Christmas?

If it isn’t specific, how do you know whether you achieved it or not?

2. Commit to your own agenda. As much as possible, before helping others each day, complete the tasks that move you toward your goals. Each evening, make a list of the 3 most important tasks to complete the next day. Until these are complete… don’t volunteer for anything else!

3. Set boundaries. When you heed your own agenda, you will likely need to set boundaries with the people in your life. Turn off your cell (mobile), turn off Skype, messaging and the 101 other ways people can “tap you on the shoulder” and distract you. Set ground rules for your “office space”, wherever it is!

4. Say no when you want to. Respecting your true desires is liberating. Just because someone else “would say Yes” to something, doesn’t mean YOU have to.  THEY may enjoy doing it whereas YOU might dislike it, find it soul destroying, boring, etc. Say NO to things that don’t make you happy!

5. Do something you’ve always wanted to do. Fulfilling long-held wishes brings joy and empowerment. Life is too short to always put things off “for later” … unless the anticipation makes you happy!  Do it now and enjoy the happiness it brings you while the time passes toward “later”

6. Seek balance. Which of these aspects need attention: social/family, spiritual/creative, career or health? Don’t sweat if one of these does need attention to the detriment to the others.  Give it the time it needs – they will all get their fair share over time

7. Eat well and exercise. Take charge of your energy by treating your body well. It’s all too easy to sit at your computer day in and day out, grab “fast food” and feel you’re achieving!  But in actual fact, your blood is getting sluggish and not making it to your brain and the level of sugar is oscillating wildly!  Look after your body and it will feed the brain … which will lead you to wilder successes!

8. Clear clutter. Creating an orderly and beautiful physical environment positively affects our sense of internal order and makes space for the new. This is especially true of your work environment … “cluttered desk = cluttered mind”!  I’ve heard it said that you should keep one shelf in your house completely clear – it gives you a feeling of “space”.

9. Pursue completion. Avoiding unfinished tasks, things that remain unsaid and relationships that need closure, hijacks our thoughts and saps our energy. Again, particularly true in regards to business tasks.  Too many products left unfinished means nothing is “shipped” and no income!

10. Get support/find allies. Get help processing uncomfortable feelings and seek friendships with people who appreciate and support your taking charge of your life. Often it is your nearest and dearest who fail to support your online ventures.  Aren’t Facebook groups, Skype Groups and forums great places to meet likeminded entrepreneurs?  Just beware they don’t overstep the boundaries you set in No.3!

It is really interesting – I’m sure you know these 10 ways to take charge of your life… but do you implement them? Which ones have you got sussed?

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10 comments on “Top 10 Ways to Take Charge of Your Life
  1. Ant Carter says:

    Great post Jennifer, I love some of your suggestions.

    I think too much emphasis is placed on tools, strategies and hacks in online business. The most underrated, and perhaps most important element we all need to plot our future path is a long term plan.

    It gives us clear direction, makes our progress obvious, makes day to day decisions easier, motivates, and helps us to know when to say “no”.

    I am making a product to help people set their long term goals, define their business goals and map their own future at – (early bird list now open!)

    • Jennifer says:

      True, Ant. I’m on the early bird list! I love that you have that so specific goal that you are brave enough to put a countdown timer on your page. May I make a suggestion? After signing up… wouldn’t it be good to send folks to a page that offers something … low cost affiliate offer on the same lines? Just a thought… might bring in a few pennies!

  2. Glen says:

    Hi Jennifer, it’s Glen here from QSC 3. I just read your post. They all good tips to help you stay focused. I myself need to have a good look at number my number 6. Thanks for the post I’ll drop in again. Keep up the good work.


    • Jennifer says:

      Hi Glen… I hope you’re keeping going on the track set in QSC3. ;P

      Balance is hard – I find I’m all “family” or all “work” and then get frustrated… Having to take my own medicine!

  3. Kate says:

    Setting boundaries and saying no are two of my biggest challenges. In internet marketing we have so much coming at us on a daily basis. It’s important to stay focused on the prize, otherwise you’ll never get there.

  4. Mike Gardner says:

    Great post Jennifer, I always remind people that when making goals, thinking about what you want is only 25% of the equation, you also need to think about what you have that you want to keep, what you have that you don’t want and what you don’t have that you don’t want

    • Jennifer says:

      Thanks, Mike, really good points!
      Yes, setting goals in not simple… If you just stick your finger in the air and catch whatever the wind blows in you can easily end up with goals that aren’t really “you”. I’ve done that many times!
      You are so right about recognizing what you have that you want to keep – if your “new goal” involves washing that all away – you will definately fail to achieve it!

  5. Tasleem Khan says:

    Great Post, struggling with number 6, right now. Getting the balance between work and family is hard but I am getting there 🙂

    • Jennifer says:

      Hi Tasleem
      Yep, I find that one hard too. I manage it for a day or 2 then slip right back to “on the computer from sun up to sun down”. I’ve found that recruiting the family has helped – daughter comes and offers to go for walk with me, son comes and offers cup of tea – in the garden. Hubby pops head in and asks something which requires attention so gets me off my computer for a bit.
      Is there anyone you can recruit to help you?

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