Top 10 Tools of Internet Marketing

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I’ve been working online for a while now and along the way I’ve come across several tools that I have found invaluable to help make some action easier, to remember things or to speed things up.  I’d like to share my top 10 tools with you today.  Many are free but, of course, some require an investment… but never of a huge quantity of dubloons, honest! Where I recommend a “paid” product, you can be sure I’ve gone to great lengths to do so through an affiliate link – this means that you know I’ve bought the product and if you choose to buy too, I’ll get some T&T (tapas and travel) money too!

1: Replay Media Capture

This nifty program means that I can download and save webinar replays, training videos, YouTube videos, podcasts and so on.  I save them on my device and can watch/listen at a time to suit me. I can watch/listen over and over, rewind, take notes and generally have more control over what is streaming. The download speeds are amazing – even on a slow internet connection – much faster than the “playing” speed so, for a 2 hour webinar, it will download in say 5-10 minutes. I find it especially useful when a webinar is up for only a short time over a period when I am just too busy to take a couple hours to sit and watch.
You can try it out for free – only catching half the length of something – or buy it for $29.95 with a 30 day money back guarantee

Check it out here*:

2: Replay Video Capture

This “sister” program to Replay Media Capture can expertly record streaming and online video and any other video playing on your PC screen with perfect quality. If you can watch it, you can save it! Record video from ANY website regardless of format. Or, screen capture video from DVD’s playing on your PC. Because Replay Video Capture software does not circumvent DRM or any copy protection technology, it’s 100% legal worldwide. I have recently discovered the “scheduler”!  This is magic – for those events you really want to attend but which are streaming at a time when you also really want to be in bed! You can set the time to start recording, and the length of time to record and happily head to bed knowing that you can watch it as soon as you’re compis mentis in the morning!  The only problem with Replay Video Capture is that I am tempted to download a ton of stuff and it just sits on my hard drive because I don’t have time to watch it all!
You can try it out for free – only recording 2 minutes, though. Or buy it for $24.95 with a 30 day money back guarantee.

Check it out here*:



*****  These 2 can be purchased together in a bundle called “Replay Capture Suite“.  This includes the 2 programs mentioned above AND programs to convert recorded files, to edit audio and video files easily and to encrypt personal video files on your PC. All this for just $49

Check it out here:


3: Roboform

Ah… yes… you are registered in hundreds of sites and, no, you haven’t used the same password on them all, have you?  Ummmmm. Do you even remember all the sites you’ve signed up to? Have you ever signed up twice to the same program? Roboform is my savior! It saves an entry for every site – with the URL of the login page and my login details.  If I go to a website, Roboform will tell me if it has a saved logon for it – so I don’t make the mistake of signing up again! When I want to login to one of my membership sites, I type the name into Roboform and it takes me to the login page, logs me in and gives me a cup of coffee… well, not the coffee, maybe!  It also saves “identies” so I can fill in those long forms with a click or 2 – you know, first name, last name, address, post code, DOB, passport number, inside leg measurement, number of children, and so on… anything you want to put in there.  You can fill out a very comprehensive “identity” but Roboform will only fill in the fields requested on the website.  The data is saved, encripted, at Roboform so I can access it Everywhere! Whatever device I’m on, I can install the Roboform app, logon to my area (double check – they send a code to my cellphone) and I have all my logins at my fingertips again. As I said… my lifesaver. You can try it out for free – limited number of logins – or buy it for $9.95 for a year (renewable each year – but once you’ve tried it you’ll want to keep it going!)

Check it out here:


4:  PhraseExpress

How are your keyboard skills?  Do you find yourself typing the same thing over and over again – like your email address, or your “signature”? This program lets you define “short codes” for things you type a lot – it can be just a long word (email address) or a whole bunch of lines – even a “canned reply” if you are doing your product support by email. My copy tells me I have saved $57!  Quite how it’s worked that out I don’t know but I do know that it has saved me a bunch of time!

You can try it out for free. I purchased the “Standard” version when I ran out of my “free” quota, but I honestly don’t remember which of the 3 “duration” options I picked – I need to check back through my payment history.

Check it out here: (Sadly not an affie link yet – still waiting to be “approved”!!)



5:  Ditto

How often do you copy (or cut!) some text, go to where you want to paste it … get distracted … copy something else … and now you’ve “lost” that first snippet? I have done it about a million times! Then I found Ditto! Ditto is an extension to the standard windows clipboard. It saves each item placed on the clipboard allowing you access to any of those items at a later time. Ditto allows you to save any type of information that can be put on the clipboard, text, images, html, custom formats, ….. Again, a major lifesaver! You have a list of “everything” you’ve copied – so you can copy several snippets from one place then go to the new place and paste them all in one after the other!  Absolutely MAGIC! This one is free!

Check it out here:


Click Here to find out what comes in for Numbers 6-10

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28 comments on “Top 10 Tools of Internet Marketing
  1. Barbara says:

    Great post, Jennifer! I was not familiar with “Ditto!” I’ll have to check that out…

  2. Des Ingham says:

    Hi Jennifer,
    Excellent post and very interesting tools to check out,
    Regards Des.

  3. Duane Reeve says:

    Nice list of tools. I use to download video content, it’s free, but doesn’t support Webinars at this stage. Busy downloading DITTO now 🙂

  4. Kevin Barham says:

    Great post Jennifer – Thanks for sharing.

    ‘Ditto’ is eactly what I needed – Great find 🙂

  5. Ant Carter says:

    Loving the first item in your list, what a great idea. I might just check that one out – using your affiliate link of course 😀

    I once read about a guy who completed a degree in the U.S. in less than a year by watching the lectures back at double speed … I wonder how that would work with your recorded webinars?!

    • Jennifer says:

      Great, Ant. With regards to playing at double speed – that one is in the next post but I’ll give you a preview.
      I use MySpeed from Enounce (no affiliate link…yet! Lots of hoops to jump through). You can speed videos up to 3x but the voices don’t sound like chipmunks! You can slow them down too. I find 1.6x is as fast as I can go to still actually catch and understand most videos!


  6. Interesting, I will check your tools out;-)

  7. Hi Jennifer. Thanks for a great post. I definitely need Ditto. I have done as you described so many times 🙂 Look forward to more of the same in your next post

  8. Lloyd Hester says:

    There are some great software programs and, apart from roboform, I had never heard of any of them before so made very interesting reading.

    I look forward to the next instalment.

    Thanks 😀

    • Jennifer says:

      I’m glad you found it interesting … I started with “Top 10 tools”, then as I was trying to decide which were my Top 10 I came across so many that I use “automatically”, I may have to do “My 2nd Top 10” or “the next top 10 tools”


  9. Interesting list of tools. Look forward to items 6 to 10.

    Ditto looks interesting as i certainly have that problem especially working across platofrms – Blog to Twitter to Facebook Fan Page to Google + page

    And your site passed 1st level security check

    • Jennifer says:

      Thanks, Mark
      6-10 coming tomorrow – I hope!
      I’m working on security too … I am up to point 7 in a list I’m following… and it goes to number 13. Hoping to “lock down” my blog! I’ve been hacked before!


  10. A great article, but as a Mac user I am not sure many of these are relevant, but I do use Roboform and it is a great recommendation Jennifer.

  11. Interesting list Jennifer. Recording and speeding up webinars can be really useful.

    If you need a text expander for Mac take a look at

    Looking forward to tools 6 – 10 in your next post.

  12. Deb says:

    Im always on the lookout for interesting and useful tools. I particularly like the Replay Media Capture as some webinars with the time difference here in Australia means I miss out on some that arent available thru replay. So thanks for sharing.

    • Jennifer says:

      Yes, Deb, that is what put me on to the Capture software – I find that even here in Europe – where the time difference with EDT isn’t as great as it is with you – I’d rather be in bed than attending!

      You’re very welcome!

  13. Roy Miller says:

    Jennifer, I have Roboform, but I am interested in the Replay softwares. I am, however; worried that I would also keep a bunch of this on my hard drive and not use it. Great resources.

    • Jennifer says:

      Yes, Roy, that is a possibility! But if you are firm with yourself and make yourself watch it within 24 hours of downloading then delete it! LOL
      I often use it for a training webinar – the watch and take notes … then delete it from my computer.

      I guess you’ve got to work out what is best for you!

  14. Jan Kearney says:

    Ditto certainly sounds interesting! Thanks for suggesting it 🙂 Need to clear out my lappy before I download anything else – I’ve managed to fill up the hard-drive again…

  15. Thanks for the info on these tools the one around webinar replays i’ll be checking out

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