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I’ve been completely SWAMPED! Let me tell you about it all and then you will see my progress.

I believe I am a a fairly typical “newbie” to internet marketing. The technology of “the web” is not a problem, but there are so many different people telling you that their way is the best and that some other way is “old school”! I’m flooded with marketing e-mails offering me the latest “get going quick” strategies and I really don’t know which, if any, it sign up for.

I started my internet marketing journey about 6 weeks ago when things were nice and quiet at home. Unfortunately then exam season struck and my 2 boys came home “to revise” – and brought their girlfriends – because it was quieter and they didn’t have to think about meals and shopping, etc. WHAT!!!

Then my husband returned from his sojourn in Spain – bringing with him 2 Huskies – to add to my Jack Russell Terrier (crossed with something with long legs)

So now, instead of the house to myself and the commitment to give 1 dog a quick walk, I have a house full of youngsters and dogs! and MEGA competition for the computer!

Last weekend I squeezed 1 day away from the family to go to the Internet Millionaires Summit in London. I wanted to be there on all 3 days Friday to Sunday, but…

  1. On Friday my boss at my current part-time job couldn’t release me for the afternoon – I’ve lost count of how many Friday’s he’s rung me to say “nothing doing this afternoon, don’t bother to come in” but THIS Friday it suddenly became imperative I was at work … sigh
  2. A month ago I had promised my daughter that I would attend an event on Sunday with her – prior to her attending for officer selection with the RAF. So I couldn’t renege on my promise, could I?

Well, at least I got to the Saturday session and was able to meet Alex Jeffreys, George Brown, Dean Hunt, Roy Carter and Andrew X in person and shake their hands. Guess what! In all my rushing around and planning and sorting out the family I’d forgotten to take a camera! Oh well, next time, please, lads! Oh, and as the sessions were videoed, I’m really hoping George can arrange for me to have a link so I can catch the sessions I missed.

(The event with my daughter went off very well, thank you for asking 🙂 )

So, taking all this chaos into consideration, I decided I really must formulate a plan and write out my goals. Does this sound familiar to anyone else starting out? I do hope so, or I’ll feel a freak.

I’m still formulating the plan but I think it will go something like this:

    Timetable myself for 2 hours a day to “work”
    Allow myself 1/2 hour to blog hop
    Allow myself 1/2 hour to scan all these sales e-mails and begin to unsubscribe to most of them
    Think how to fit in facebook and twitter too
    Inform the family/dogs/hubbie what my “work” times for the week are and bag the computer and living room for that period of time

How does that sound?

I’ve also decided to write an “Elevator Pitch” for my blog.  This is a short, snappy description to catch someone’s attention while you’re riding the elevator with them.  It will also serve to keep me focused. Mark 1 of my elevator pitch is : is my voice on-line where I can paint pictures of my life and my on-line journey. My goal is to have an income that enables me to travel – when all is quiet in my olive grove.

What do you think of that for a focus? Please leave me your thoughts.

PS I got this idea from’s course “31 Days to Build a Better Blog”

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8 comments on “Build a Better Blog
  1. Hi Jennifer,
    I think your plan looks fine but you must be a much quicker reader than me. Just today in my blog hopping of only 13 blogs has taken me nearly 1.5 hours!

    Anyway it could be our very poor Thai village internet connections as well.

    It must be a bit hectic with the competition for the computer – why don’t you get some guest blog posts written whilst they are online? Just an idea

    I do hope your daughter’s RAF officer selection is successful – you made some comment about this but I was not sure what you meant.

    Anyway well done Jennifer – I thought all the competition in internet marketing was online but you have just provided another example!!

    • Jennifer says:

      Hi Peter – You’re right – I’m finding that I really need to put in more hours at the moment so maybe at least doubling all the times. I’m finding that I’m not visiting nearly as many blogs as I’d like to. Hope you manage with your connection speed – next week I’m off to a village in Spain so my connection speed will be slower there.

      Good idea to get some guest blogs – I guess I’ll ask on the forum for some – thank you for the idea

      PS My daughter didn’t pass the selection process 🙁 but she learnt a lot about what is expected and will give it another go next year.

      Keep blogging

  2. Mary Kay says:

    Hey Jennifer,

    Nice post and great information. I am right where you are…setting up a plan and sticking with it; however, I don’t have the hectic family life it sounds like you have. 🙂 I would suggest since your time is limited, spending the majority of your time on the tasks that will bring in the cash. This is what I struggle with…spending too much time on C tasks and not enough on the A.

    BTW…Sounds like you had a great time at the summit. Would love to hear more.


    • Jennifer says:

      Thanks for the advice, Mary Kay. Unfortunately I still haven’t managed to pin-point what brings in the cash! I was hoping that blogging would lead to people clicking on my links but not so far. I think I need to review monetizing my blog – be a bit more consistent.

      I’ll update you on the summit when the storm here subsides 😛
      Best wishes

  3. Alice says:

    Hello Jennifer,

    I have had to try and balance my schedule to get more time devoted to my new business too. So guess we are in the same boat.

    I would have liked to have attended the marketing sessions and been able to meet Alex Jeffreys. Too bad you didn’t have your camera along. Next time….

    Thanks for the great post!

    Best Regards,


  4. David Taylor says:

    Hi Jennifer,
    Your elevator pitch sounds good.

    I wasn’t able to make it to the seminar unfortunately but hope to make it to others.

    Did you say you were moving to Spain?
    The internet lifestyle beckons?

    All the best,


  5. Warren Geter says:

    Hey if the competition with computer is more, get a new one for your business pursuits alone. And your checklist plan looks great, 2 hours is of course enough to reward our followers with quality blogs literally. But do it sincerely without any distractions and other fusses! Hope you got me!

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