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paprika-537632__180.jpgThis morning I went to our local market. I love it on a sunny day – as today was. When it’s wet it’s cold and miserable and fortunately I can choose not to go!

The market is laid out with 4 “lanes” – the first lane is all the fruit and vegetable stalls, bread, nuts, olives, etc … basically the place to go for food. The other 3 are for clothes, bags, jewelry, household items and so on. Then at one end is an area where local growers can come and sell their “home grown” produce. That’s where I head first and if I can’t get all my fruit and veg there then I head down the first isle and finish my shopping there. I’ve invested in one of those wheelie shopping bags because it makes me look more “Spanish” – all the ladies have them!

Today I was browsing one stall and was very taken with the stall holder’s “upsell” technique! When someone asked for courgettes (zucchini) he would say “Don’t you want some aubergines (egg plants) to go with them?” With oranges he offered bananas, with lettuce he offered peppers – in fact – there wasn’t a thing you could ask for that he didn’t have a ready “upsell” for.  When I’d finished … and as he was handing me my change, he offered me a huge bunch of coriander “only 1 euro” – I took it! and he kept the change!

Then, take the “local grower” lady I bought my pomegranates, spinach and Swiss chard from – just an ordinary, country-born-and-raised lady – she tried to “upsell” potatoes – but I didn’t need any – so she threw in a lettuce and a bunch of parsley for free!

Now doesn’t that remind you of online marketing?

So you see… don’t be afraid to add an upsell to your product or offer – the whole world is doing it … and, in fact, expects it! But make sure it’s relevant to the product – no good trying to upsell potatoes when the customer has bought a handbag, now is it?

AND … don’t forget the “freebies”! Everyone loves them, and will come back to you because you give them – but again – make it relevant to you and your business. My lady could have given me some socks as a gift – but they’d not have had anything to do with cooking and vegetables … not that she had any socks anyway!

Today’s Recommendation

Update: This Product is no Longer for Sale


Today’s recommendation just dropped into MY inbox. I took a read of the sales page, emailed the vendor with some questions and this is what he said:

What if there was just one thing that could almost guarantee a boost in search engine rankings, higher opt-in rates & sales conversion?

What if I said that you implement it over just one weekend?

Well, it’s true…


Big companies like Google, Amazon, Yahoo & many others have performed scientific tests on this- namely, the relationship between site loading speed and customer spending – and they have unanimously concluded that


See what they say:

“500ms slower = 20% drop in traffic” – Google

“100ms slower = 1% drop in sales” – Amazon

“52% stated that quick site loading is critical to their loyalty” – Akamai

“Slow sites has lasting negative affects” – Google

Making your site load fast isn’t optional anymore – it’s critical for your online success…

And Google has also officially said that they now consider a site’s speed as one of the factors taken into consideration when ranking sites in search engine results.

And if you are site is loading slow you are leaving potential rankings to your competitors!

So I bought it … I’m going to use it on this site!  So… watch this space, as they say.

I KNOW WordPress sites can load VERY SLOWLY! It irritates me and has caused me to try to learn HTML/CSS/php to try to speed my sites up.

Miss Impatience – that’s me!

And I know the speed is important, especially when you are using traffic exchanges to get your traffic – folks there give you 3 seconds! And if your site takes that to load – you’ve LOST!

I’m assured that this will be the answer to my dilemma

Grab it today… and make your site load like greased lightening!

Click here==>I want a faster site NOW!

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