Week Ending 7th December 2013

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Guess What! My temporary crown and filling have come out! AND, as is often the situation, this is a long holiday weekend here in Spain!

Yesterday, the 6th, was Constitution Day and tomorrow, the 8th, is the Immaculate Conception Day – and, being Sunday, the Monday becomes the national holiday. So many people have taken from Thursday afternoon until Tuesday morning to get away. Actually, many have taken the time to get away from their “day job” and get out into the campo and start harvesting their olives. The hum of tree shakers has been a steady backdrop to everything we’ve done these last few days.

So my tooth will have to survive until Tuesday at the earliest! Hey ho!

What have you got planned for the weekend – Christmas Shopping? Do you realise that 3 weeks today it’ll all be over? A sad thought!

At the moment I’m hectically planning with my youngsters because they are ALL coming to Spain for Christmas and we’re going to go to the ski-village in the Sierra Nevadas for 3 nights. As the youngsters have gotten older, the thrill of Christmas seems to have diminished and they find they get “bored” on Christmas day – having to hang out with their aged parents! We tried this last year and it was a hit so we’re repeating it – does that make it the new “family tradition”? This year it means 3 pickups at the airport before Christmas and 1 just after (one of the boys’ girl-friend is coming over to join the fun after spending Christmas with her family)

Which leads me to ask – What are YOUR family traditions at this time of year? Have they changed over the years as children have come and gone? I’d love to hear about it… just comment here!

Weekend Thought
Two frogs were hopping around the farmyard and they came across a bucket half full of milk. Being partial to a tipple, they hopped in and drank as much as their little green bodies could take.

When they’d drunk their fill and tried to hop out, they found that the milk was weighing them down and what had been an easy entrance now seemed like an impossible exit!

They hopped and they hopped but no matter how hard they tried they couldn’t reach the top of the bucket.

All the other animals in the farmyard saw what was going on and started shouting abuse at them:

“Yah – you’re useless at jumping, you’ll never get out!”

“Hah – look at you – the farmer’s going to throw you right into the pasteurizing machine!”

“Call yourselves frogs, you’ll never get out of that bucket – you couldn’t jump out of a circle drawn on the ground!”

The frogs were getting tired, but they kept trying and failing.

Eventually, the constant insults got to one of the frogs and his jumps got even worse. This of course just made all the animals jeer even louder. They could see that the end was close and they were loving seeing the frogs get in so much trouble.

Finally the frog slumped into the milk and stopped trying. He knew he was a failure and just couldn’t fight any longer.

But his friend never wavered. The louder the animals jeered at him the harder he pushed himself until eventually he managed to get one foot over the edge of the bucket.

He paused at the top, gave a big smile to all the animals who were shouting at him and hopped off towards his pond in the corner of the farmyard.

Now that is a nice little story, but there is a postscript. Why do you think that our frog succeeded against all the criticism and negativity while the other one gave up under the barrage?

Because he was deaf. He didn’t hear the jeering and the insults, and when he looked around he thought that all the animals were cheering him on.

Everywhere we look there are people who take pleasure in seeing us fail, people who can’t or won’t do things themselves and so are quick to try and stop us from succeeding.

The only way to quieten them is to become like the deaf frog and stop listening. Only then you can succeed on your own terms, not on theirs.

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