Do You have a Typhoon or Tycoon?

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How is the weather holding up for you? The east coast of Britain is being battered by hurricane-force winds causing chaos to trains, planes and roads. Germany’s North Sea coast is also being battered with flooding in low-lying places. In Scandinavia, Danish and Norwegian police urged people to stay indoors.

And that’s just northern Europe! The US is being battered by Winter Storm Cleon which is bringing artic blasts and snow.

And here I am in “Sunny Spain”… and sunny it is! The mornings are cold but once the sun gets up everything warms up – “wall to wall sunshine” as we say. This is causing problems, believe it or not! The olive harvest has started – unseasonably early because the weather is so warm and there is an abundant crop – due to last winter’s massive amounts of rain. So, “What’s the problem?”, you ask.

The Spanish folks around here work at the harvest if it’s sunny – and take days off when it rains… so if it doesn’t rain, they don’t stop! Other years, they have been able to work some and rest some, but this year it’s work, work, work … with no respite and if it goes on too long, everyone is going to be dead tired – and the accident count goes up dramatically! No, it definitely is NOT a Monday to Friday, 9 to 5 job ethic.

The other problem looming is that with no rain, the trees aren’t able to replenish their energies and so the outlook for next year’s harvest looks dismal. If we can have rain all through January and February the trees might be able to recuperate, otherwise… 🙁

Enough of this chatter about the weather…

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