Fire! Fire!

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I have a tale about a campo fire – first hand from my friend Gabriella (English, name changed to protect the innocent!)

The story goes like this… Gabriella lit a small fire at the back of her property to burn some rubbish – perfectly legal at this time of year here in Spain. When it was almost out, she popped in to make a cup of tea and … Well, she was just sitting down to a nice cuppa when she heard a noise and looked out and saw… FLAMES! Traveling along the boundary, catching the neighbor’s bushes and heading for the road!

She rushed out, realized she couldn’t handle it herself so rang the emergency number – 112. This is a national number and first Gabriella had to explain, in Spanish, that she’s in Jaen province. The person on the line (let’s call her Maria, to make this easier) wanted to know if Gabriella’s house was on fire… she said “no, my land”. Maria said, “Oh, that’s all right then… at least it’s not your house!” Then Maria asked, “Is anyone in danger?” Gabriella said, “Not immediate danger but if the fire spreads we all will be!” Maria then asked, “Do you want to speak to someone in English?”. Gabriella said “YES!”

After waiting some minutes, Maria came back on the line and said that there was no-one available at the moment to speak English and if Gabriella would like to ring back in half an hour someone would be able to help her!

Finally… Gabriella managed to get Maria to understand which was the nearest town and get her to send the fire engines out! While she waited, Gabriella filled buckets from her swimming pool and threw them on the fire to contain it.

When the fire engines arrived – they drove right past! After turning around and coming back , the firemen were unconcerned as it wasn’t near the house… They stamped around a bit, stamping out some embers, got the hose out and sprayed the bank by the road, jumped back in their engine and drove off!

What had happened was this:
The previous day, the man who “manages” her land, picking the olives, pruning the trees, etc, had been and cleared the ground under the trees of fallen leaves, etc. He had neatly stacked this debris in rows between the trees and along the boundary.
Near by the “small” fire was a pile of logs waiting to be processed and stacked ready for winter use in the log burner.
Unfortunately there was a trail of dried leaves to the log pile – so when Gabriella wasn’t looking, a spark caught light in the leaves, trailed to the log pile … and from there to the rows of dried leaves
Then, to cap it all, there was a hole in her bucket – the one she always keeps handy, full of water, in case of just such an emergancy – and the water leaked out and as fast as she filled it from the pool – it emptied itself on the way to the fire!

All very scary as olive wood burns very easily and very hot.

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So, how did he do it?

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